The story starts in a jail, where prisoner Muthupandi (Prabhu) is being interrogated by a police officer (Vijayakumar) about his past. Without hesitation, Muthupandi tells. Muthupandi is a son of the soil, a very hard working self-made man who dotes on his only sister Kavitha (Trisha Krishnan). Their mother died very early and it was Muthupandi who brought up Kavitha with a lot of love and affection. Kavitha’s best friend Lalitha (Richa Pallod), who is getting married, takes Kavitha to her house for the nuptial ceremony. As an emotional scene prior to this notes, this is the first time Kavitha has been away from her brother.


  1. Rank: 41 – from Top 2010s
  2. Title: Something Something… Unakkum Enakkum
  3. Original Title: சம்திங் சம்திங் உனக்கும் எனக்கும்
  4. Original Language: ta
  5. Release Date: 2006-06-18
  6. Vote Average: 7.3
  7. Popularity: 26.251
  8. Categories: 2010s, Romance, Drama, Action
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